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Since 1986, Arreola’s Complete Landscape Services has been committed to providing commercial and landscaping services to the greater Sacramento Metro area. We are a family operated business whose number one focus is guaranteeing customer satisfaction. When you choose Arreola's Complete Landscape, we do not just see you as another client, but as part of our family tradition.



Arreola's Complete Landscape Service brings more than just a vibrant looking landscape. We make sure it is well protected and stays healthy in all types of weather conditions.We specialize in all types of commercial properties.

We guarantee that our landscape teams will do what is necessary to keep your property looking clean and vibrant the way it deserves. Whether it is your commercial or residential property, or even your private lot, we will guarantee our best to keep it up to the highest standards.

This includes business offices, shopping centers, apartments, and factories. As a leading provider in landscape we regularly mow and edge all landscape, manage and control trees, shrubs, and plants from over growing and more. Arreola's is a licensed pesticide applicator that controls and eliminates all weeds to keep your grass greener.



Not only do we provide landscape for commercial properties, but also for residential communities. You can always expect the same high quality landscape and great communication regarding our client's needs.

From mowing to fertilizing, we are capable to provide all landscape practices to keep your landscape as healthy and colorful as possible. We also offer one time cleanups in any property in need.


Clients Satisfaction

As a professional landscaping company, we value your respect and quality. We maintain your landscape the way you want it. This can include special instructions about your landscaping needs.

We can conduct landscape services in private lots, gated communities, or any type of homes. We pride ourselves on our work and our client's satisfaction.

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