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Since 1986, Arreola’s Complete Landscape Services has been committed to providing commercial and landscaping services to the greater Sacramento Metro area. We are a family operated business whose number one focus is guaranteeing customer satisfaction. When you choose Arreola's Complete Landscape, we do not just see you as another client, but as part of our family tradition.

Horticultural Control

Weeds growing everywhere is just a fact of mother nature, we know it happens. They can also be a burden which is why we provide services to keep them under control.

If you are just looking to have your unwanted weeds under control then look no further. As licensed pesticide applicators we provide you the best service and healthiest landscape. Not only do we control weed growth but trees and harmful bugs as well.

Need a fruit tree to stop sprouting fruits, we can help you. We apply and spray trees from ever having anymore spoiling fruits. Have unwanted bug pests in your trees or landscape? We can control that, with our experience team we can control your landscape from ever having those pesky bugs again. Do you have a large area of weeds in your lot? We also provide private lot services as well.

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